Senate Leadership

President Pro Tempore- Parker Barnes

Republican Majority Leader- Josh Erste

Republican Majority Whip- Ben Moeller

Democrat Minority Leader- Cal DiJulius

Democrat Minority Whip- Joyelle Owens

Bills Passing Senate Committee

The following bills passed their class Senate committees and will be presented to the full Senate on Mock Congress Day.
Civil Liberties and Constitutional Issues

Civil Rights

Criminal Justice
SB22- Equal Punishment Act- APolasky-(R-MT), JKall (R-NY)- passing percentage- 63%
SB36 Change the Gangs TCassidy (WI), JEvans (OR) - 90% passing

SB9-Unemployment Act of 2012- SPennock (R-GA), CHaley(D-VT) passing percentage 57%

SB23-Mandatory Recess- MUpdyke (G-MI), GDeininger (D-OK), passing percentage 83%
SB35 Stress or Study Hall - MKamer (D-RI), LKokish (NY) -73% passing
SB38 21st Century School Update - Equality for Everyone - EKeller (WA), SHolt (IN) - 59% passing
SB49 - Jump Start to America's Education - GAini (CO), SJanoch (MI), EGill (MO) - 53% passing

Evnironment and Energy

Foreign Policy
SB16 - No Involvement in Foreign Wars: MBulone (R-IL), RCarey (R-MD), JGartrell (R-ID)- passing percentage- 62%

Gun Control
SB34 Gun People Control - GYonkers (TX), AStruhar (MA)- 76% passing
SB47 - Get the Sheet Before You Pack Heat - ANicholas (IL), DAhrens (AR) 67% passing

Health and Safety
SB5- Second Hand Smoke Act- EPollock (R-TX), MPhillips (R-WV) passing percentage 71%
SB21-Optional Affordable Health Care- MFoust (R-CT), KFayne (D-NE), AuBiggs (R-FL)- passing percentage- 58%
SB24- Physicals Provided through High Schools- EWinkler(D-HI), MHorn (R-WY)- passing percentage 52%
SB54 Protect Your Head, Don't End Up Dead - MBurdick R-LA - 67% passing

SB48 - Keep America Legal Citizens - ERichards (SD), CDijulius (PA) - 60% passing
SB53 Less Drugs More Hugs - JDemicco R-MO, JAsplin D-CT 96% passing

National Defense
SB1 -WMP- Weapons for Mass Protection: JLasky(D-RI), PBarnes (R-LA), CBraun (D-ME)- passing percentage-83%
SB6- Military Removal Act of 2012- AShipley- (R-WA), APollarine (R-OR), EBelofsky (R-NM)- passing percentage 62%
SB19- Coming Home with Relief- JLieberth (R-DE), HJones(R-NJ). JContes (R-CA)- passing percentage- 74%
SB33 - Mind Your Own Business - LKocianic (OH), JJacob (FL), OHesmondhalgh (AK) - 76% passing

Social Programs

Values and American Society