House Leadership:

Speaker of the House- Cory Bianco

Republican Majority Leader- Darcy Becker

Republican Majority Whip- Justin Kowalski

Democrat Minority Leader- Brock Nelson

Democrat Minority Whip- Kevin Hutchinson

Bills Passing House Committees-

The following bills passed their House Committees and will be presented to the full House on Mock Congress Day.

Civil Liberties and Constitutional Issues

Civil Rights

Criminal Justice

HB7-Flat Rate Tax 2012- APietrangelo (R-WI), JBrubaker (R-CA)- passing percentage-58%
HB8-Increase Pay through Decreased Taxes- PMancine(R-SD), BBalog (R-WA)- passing percentage-52%
HB11- Good Things Come from Small Businesses-SVachon (D-OR), MKerchner (D-CA)- passing percentage TBA (being voted 1st period Thu)

HB9- Guaranteed College for High Achieving Students- KSingh (D-KY), CWestfall (I-VA), POChocki (D-FL)- passing percentage 81%
HB10-Computers for Kids- SMiller(I-IN), BZepernick(I-UT), KFrench (IA), passing percentage 50%
HB17 Enable Options for the Disabled - MRitter (R-MN), DMunoz (R-LA), LHuffman(R-NC)- passing percentage 65%
HB33 Funding for Learning - JSzekely (IN), GSpice (OH) 100% passing
HB45 No Giving Up, Keep Trying - TSavage D-FL, KHall R-PA, KIvars R-MD 56% passing
HB50 Protect the Schools - HBanc, TMcVay 72% passing
HB65 Don’t Leave the Students Struggling - DBecker R-PA, JCaputo R-NY 77% passing

Evnironment and Energy
HB5-Changing Energy Resources for Healthier Living- MGrimmett (R-TX), CLukehart (R-VT), passing percentage 61%
HB53 Save the World Act - NSmith, ASamarasinghe, JWallette - 60% passing
HB64 "Say "No" in National Parks" SDennison (TX), KKronz (TX) - 100% passing

Foreign Policy

Gun Control
HB52The Radical Magical Gun License -TGarrett 72% passing
HB68 Guns Don't Kill, People Do - CDriscoll R-TX, RNorman R-TX - 100% passing
HB72 The Unregistered Weapons Law - APiunno R-IL, JFriedler R-CO - 89% passing

Health and Safety
HB35 NPUWD (No Phone Use While Driving) - JHauptner (R-IL), ACabi (R-NY) - 83% passing
HB46 Learn the Right Way to Parent - MVlach R-IN, BHawthorne R-MN - 82% passing
HB47 Stop the Abuse and the Food Overuse - RWillis, SFranco 85% passing

HB40 Clean Crossings - KKadow, GCimoroni, ASchwartz - 57% passing

National Defense
HB44 If China Can Do It, So Can We - CStephan R-OH, RDeAnna D-FL, HYoung R-FL 75% passing

Social Programs

Values and American Society
HB66 Nowhere to Hide - THays (MD), HBrowsky (MI) - 57% passing