Bills Passing the Full Senate On Mock Congress Day-

The following bills passed the Full Senate and will be voted on by House Committees on Tuesday, June 5th
Civil Liberties and Constitutional Issues

Civil Rights

Criminal Justice
SB22- Equal Punishment Act- APolasky-(R-MT), JKall (R-NY)-


SB23-Mandatory Recess- MUpdyke (G-MI), GDeininger (D-OK),
SB49 - Jump Start to America's Education - GAini (CO), SJanoch (MI), EGill (MO) - (Not Presented- Passed on to the House)

Evnironment and Energy

Foreign Policy
SB16 - No Involvement in Foreign Wars: MBulone (R-IL), RCarey (R-MD), JGartrell (R-ID)-

Gun Control
SB47 - Get the Sheet Before You Pack Heat - ANicholas (IL), DAhrens (AR)

Health and Safety
SB5- Second Hand Smoke Act- EPollock (R-TX), MPhillips (R-WV)
SB21-Optional Affordable Health Care- MFoust (R-CT), KFayne (D-NE), AuBiggs (R-FL)-
SB24- Physicals Provided through High Schools- EWinkler(D-HI), MHorn (R-WY)- (Not Presented- Passed on to the House)
SB54 Protect Your Head, Don't End Up Dead - MBurdick R-LA -

SB53 Less Drugs More Hugs - JDemicco R-MO, JAsplin D-CT

National Defense
SB1 -WMP- Weapons for Mass Protection: JLasky(D-RI), PBarnes (R-LA), CBraun (D-ME)-
SB6- Military Removal Act of 2012- AShipley- (R-WA), APollarine (R-OR), EBelofsky (R-NM)-(Not Presented-Passed on to the House)
SB19- Coming Home with Relief- JLieberth (R-DE), HJones(R-NJ). JContes (R-CA)-
SB33 - Mind Your Own Business - LKocianic (OH), JJacob (FL), OHesmondhalgh (AK) -

Social Programs

Values and American Society