Bills passing the Full House on Mock Congress Day

HB9- Guaranteed College for High Achieving Students- KSingh (D-KY), CWestfall (I-VA), POChocki (D-FL)
HB10-Computers for Kids- SMiller(I-IN), BZepernick(I-UT), KFrench (IA)
HB17 Enable Options for the Disabled - MRitter (R-MN), DMunoz (R-LA), LHuffman(R-NC)

Evnironment and Energy
HB5-Changing Energy Resources for Healthier Living- MGrimmett (R-TX), CLukehart (R-VT)
HB64 "Say "No" in National Parks" SDennison (TX), KKronz (TX)

Values and American Society
HB66 Nowhere to Hide - THays (MD), HBrowsky (MI)