Anna Schostek

State: Wyoming

State Capital: Cheyenne

Political Party: Moderate

The congress person that I have chosen is Robert P. Casey. His issues are different from others. He is concerned for many things like the pay gap between men and women. Did you know, women's earnings are 20% lower than men's? He is cosponser of the Paycheck Fairness Act. This would mean, there would be equal payment for equal work. Also, he is a strong critic for unfair trade which puts American manufacturing at a disadvantage. Some issues Casey voted for were providing of billions dollars in tax cuts to encourage businesses to hire workers. He also voted for legislation that provides 10's of billions of dollars for small businesses to expand. There are many thing I agree with that Robert P. Casey is trying to get done. These were only a couple of the issues that I learned. To learn more about Senator Robert P. Casey and state issues, click down for his website.

Endorsement for 2012 Presidential Election: Ron Paul
In 2012, we have an election for a new president. I chose, out of the 5 canidates, Ron Paul. I believe in most of Ron Paul's answers to the issues that are in our world today. He has made many good points when it came to topics like the enviroment, medical medicine choices, the tea party, and taxes. This late in the election year, Ron Paul isn't on the charts like President Obama or Mitt Romney. I still believe in the issues that he wants to inforce. Lastly, every canaidate has a certain method or tactic. I believe Ron Paul has a good tactic for winning the election.

The goal of our bill, Treat People the Way You Want to be Treated Act of 2012 is, to make better lives for immigrants. Some steps to make our bill successful are:
  • Make citizenship cheaper.
  • Educate all immigrants.
  • Make more jobs available for immigrants and citizens.
  • Check all immigrants before they enter America for drugs, other illegal items and substances.
  • Treat all immigrants the same as natural born citizens.

There are many different reasons why voters should vote for SB44. One reason is to allow others with a hard past to come to America with their families for a better life. Another reason to vote for this is bill, is to have everyone be treated equal. Lastly, there will be more jobs available for the immigrants and the citizens. The more immigrants to come to America, the more jobs. Now, don't you worry about items, or any other illigal substances coming in to America with the immigrants. They will be check for anything that could cause harm to other citizens.

Five interesting facts about the state Wyoming:
1.) Devils Tower was desigated as the first National Monument in 1906.
2.) Three million tons of coal are mined a week.
3.) First state that gave women the right to vote.
4.) Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming. It became the first National Park in 1872.
5.) Wyoming has the lowest population out of all 50 states.

Five reasons to go to the state of Wyoming:
1.) Yellowstone National Park
2.) Devils Tower National Monument
3.) Dude Ranch (Eaton Ranch)
4.) Grand Teton National Park
5.) Star Vally

1.) Cattle
2.) Hay
3.) Wheat

1.) Mining
2.) Machinery
3.) Lumber/ wood products

Three Mock Congress issues:
1.) One of the most important issues to me is gay marriages. The issue states, " Should gay marriages be legal?" I believe that if people are in love, no matter what race, gender, etc, they should be allowed to be married to each other. People can't ban love. They should be allowed to marry each other without strange looks, without comments. If they love each other, let them get married. It isn't our decision, it is theirs. So therefore, I am completely for gay marriages.
2.) Another issue the is important to me is abortion, " Should parental consent be required for pregnant minors to have abortions?" I believe that the parents should be aware of what happened, and without parental consent , some minor's parents wouldn't be aware of what happened. Therefore, I am for parental consent to be requried for pregnant minors to have abortions.
3.) Lastly, another issues that is important to me is immigration. " Should illegal immigrants have access to social services such as Medicaid, welfare, or public education?" I believe that immigrants, illigal, or not should be allowed to use these social services, people need these things in life. Whether it is for their health, or their future. Just because they aren't citizens yet, it doesn't mean they don't need/should get the same things we do. So therefore I am for illigal immigrants to have access to social services.

Wyoming's state issues and resources
1.) No new coal- fired power plants
2.) Better planning for National Forests needed
3.) Preserving Flaming Gorge and the Green River
4.) Protecting wolves in a greater Yellowstone ecosystem
The first four of Wyoming's issues.
5.) Tribal Eagle Permit Issue
Eagle permit issue.
6.) Permanent road refunds
Road funds.
7.) Groundwater Issues
Groundwater issues.
8.) Reducing or maintaing Wyoming's budget
Wyoming's budget
9.) Gun restrictions
Gun restrictions.
10.) Prison sentences Issues
Prison sentence issues.
11.) Education Issues
12.) Civil Rights Issue
Civil Rights
13.) Job Issues
14.) Foreign Policy Issue
Foreign Policy
15.) Immigrantion Issues