Andrew Nicholas, State:Illinois
State Capital: Springfield
Political Party: Moderate

The representative that I share issues and beliefs with is Dick Durbin. He is democratic, but shares common beliefs with my moderate ideas. Issues he believes in are gun control, abortion, and foreign affairs. I think these issues are very important for our countries future and will help us succeed. Durbin has worked hard to advocate the state's views on national issues while lobbying for federal support for local issues. Through his position on the Appropriations Committee, he has helped to bring federal dollars back to Illinois to fund projects ranging from the Greater Rockford Airport to the Rock Island Arsenal. He helps develop partnerships between local, state and federal governments and have worked to coordinate many jointly funded projects, including a new U.S. Coast Guard station to patrol Chicago's Lake Michigan shoreline. Because of his great debating skills, he won support on the Senate Judiciary Committee for a provision in an immigration bill that would protect church groups and others from prosecution if they aided illegal immigrants.
He has joined with Senator Rick Santorum, a true Republican from Pennsylvania, to push the U.S. government to give $866 million in additional funds for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. These are issues I find important to our government's success.

Who I want for president: I would like Obama for president because he is from Illinois and shares values. A value I share with obama is gun control. He believes that guns should be watched over more carefully. Another value that I share with Obama is abortion. He believes that women should have the right to choose if they want an abortion. Obama, is like Durbin and wants to work together with Democrats and Republicans so that more can get done in the government. Obama needs to work with the Republicans so they can reduce the deficit and make more jobs for people who are unemployed.

SB47- Get The Sheet Before You Pack Heat

This bill should be put into place to stop inexperienced people from getting guns without a license. I will stop accidental shootings or deaths from inexperienced people with guns, and all gun owners must complete a course being able to buy guns. Children under the age of 21, which wish to fire a gun, must must also take the gun license course with a parent.

You should vote for this bill because it will make the United States of America a safer place for you, the children, and the people. If you vote for this bill you are saving countless lives that would be taken from gun violence, accidental shootings, and unexperienced gun owners. Make the change and vote for this bill.

5 Interesting Facts:
1.The 4 stars on the Chicago flag represent Fort Dearborn, the Chicago Fire, the World's Columbian Exposition, and the Century of Progress Exposition.
2.Ronald Wilson Regan from Tampico became the 40th president of the United States in 1980.
3. The state motto is: State Sovereignty, National Union.
4.Barac Obama the current U.S. president was governor of illinois.
5.1865, Illinois had two capital cities, Kaskaskia, and Vandalia before Springfield.

5 reasons to visit Illinois:
Visit Illinois because DePaul University is one of the leading colleges in the country. I would like to visit or even attend school there. DePaul is located in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a historical and well known city in Illinois. High school classes even visit here because of the historical aspects in the city. The Navy Pier and ferris wheel are exciting. The culture is known for great food, shopping, and diversity. There is a huge chrome sculpture nicknamed the 'bean', and the Sears Tower is the tallest building in the northern hemisphere. One more architectural feature about Illinois is the Dana-Thomas House, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Agriculture: Corn, soy, hogs, cattle, dairy, wheat.
Industry: Machinery, food processing, electrical

3 Largest Employers of Illinois:
1. Archer Daniels Midland, Decatur
2. Boeing, Chicago
3. Walgreen, Deerfield

3 important issues:
One important issue is gun control.I believe that concealed weapons should not be aloud. People who carry concealed weapons have access to them at any time,and can use them in bars and even church. Guns can be the cause of irrational decisions leading death. Someone may be intoxicated or even angry about something minor and they can end a life in a split second. Concealed weapons and guns in general should be a more controlled subject. NRA needs to stop promoting the use of concealed weapons.

Another important issue is abortion. I think that abortion should be the right of a citizen but not the law. Having an abortion should be the woman's decision to have an abortion, and not by male politicians. I agree with Obamas statement that, " Our Daughters should have an equal chance to fulfill their dreams as our sons do." Also, under the circumstance of a married couple wanting an abortion, both parents should have to agree to the abortion. People should have the right to follow their religious beliefs on abortion. Abortion should be aloud under reasonable circumstances, not by a political party. Church and state seem to be coming together on this issue, when they should not be doing so.

One more common issue debated upon is foreign affairs. I believe that the U.S. government/military should be able to enter other countries affairs as long as we do not interfere with their government. I also believe that we should not be able to enter another country if we are not invited by their government. If the military goes in and tries to assist with chaos or wars we must respect how they run their government. Many problems in other countries have caused our government to become too involved with financial support. We should stick to limiting the money going out of our country in foreign affairs and help people in our country needing aid. Overall, our government and military should help others countries if we stay within our limitations.