Name: Amanda Browske
State: Kansas
Capital: Topeka
Political Party:Moderate Liberal

Representatives I Share Beliefs with:
Jerry Moran: protects the power for land owners to be allowed to grow tall grass. Senator Moran believes that a strong national defense is the federal government’s primary Constitutional responsibility. In the early 2000s, Moran opposed a timetable for military withdrawal from Iraq. Moran brought NBAF to Kansas to conduct animal disease research intended to secure America's food supply and protect citizens and animals from the threat of foreign animal disease. He supports the right to bear arms. I however believe that the right to bear arms is for self-defense only and still should not shoot anyone; the gun should be for intimation only. I strongly believe that Guns shall not be fired at another human being.

3 key issues I am interested in:
1): Confined animal Feeding Facilities: Kansas is home to the largest Animal feeding lots. They are located in the dry western Prairie of the state. They have been saidto be letting of obnoxious fumes and gasses. They have cattle lots and hog farms in the animal feeding facilities. I feel this is unfair and not right. These animals shouldnot be confined, or exposed to this harmful fume. The fumes could seriously damage these animals’ brains or even kill the animals. The animals should also beallowed to roam free; they are entitled to a natural habitat.
2): The governments ideas about the healthy food only provided in schools. I am interested in this because like some parents, the school is handingeverything to the students rather than letting them make decisions and learn for themselves what is right and wrong.
3): The issue if students should be allowed to bring laptops to classes with them. It interests me because Students and teachers even parents have been talking about it for a while. I feel it would be a good Idea because ) students would only carry around a laptop instead of all the back breaking notebooks and textbooks. It could also help some students to become more organized because it would be more fun to use a computer rather than some notebooks and paper dividers.

Cattle, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, hogs, corn

Transportation, equipment, food processing, printing, publishing, chemicals, machinery, apparel, petroleum, mining

5 Interesting facts: 1. Vivian Vance was born there in Cherryvale, Kansas. 2. Topeka Town Company donated what has become known as the capital square in 1862. 3. The square featured French renaissance architecture. 4. The architect was Edward Townsend- Mix of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 5. Barry Sanders, football player, originated from Kamas.

5 facts related to my issues:
1) Students want to be allowed to bring laptops and electronics to class
2) Healthy foods are wanted in schools, however the students want to be able to have the descision of making their own food choices.
3) Students will end up with less choice about what they eat if the issue is passed
4) Confined feeding facilites are very dangerous for the animals in the facility
5) Students need the right to advance in knowledge as technology advances

Important issues:
One of the issues that currently interest me right now is the new law about only healthy food in schools. That also annoys me because it's the students freedom of choice to be able to choose what to eat, and as school is the springboard to your future students must learn to be able to choose things for themselves, right or wrong and the schools should promote those decisions, not hand them the right things. As soon as students are free they will pick what they never had the chance to eat so then they will make all the bad decisions.
It doesn't make sense to offer students only healthy foods at school when they can choose to eat whatever they want outside of school.


The goal of our bill, Treat People the Way You Want to be Treated Act of 2012 is, to make better lives for immigrants. Some steps to make our bill successful are:

  • Make citizenship cheaper.
  • Educate all immigrants.
  • Make more jobs available for immigrants and citizens.
  • Check all immigrants before they enter America for drugs, other illegal items and substances.
  • Treat all immigrants the same as natural born citizens.

I think that people should vote for my bill for a few reasons. One reason they should vote for my bill is because I believe that they should

agree with cheaper citizenship.

Another reason is if the immigrants want a better life that this should be the place for it. America is safe and the immigrants should feel at

home here even if that means less jobs and higher taxes that they will pay too.

confined Feeding Facilities
Should Students bring electronics to cl
healthy foods in schools
Healthy lunches in schools
Ideology: Political party