Alyssa Schwartz
House of representatives
Political party- Moderate
State: Arizona
Admission to statehood: February 14, 1912
Agricultural: cattle, cotton, dairy products, lettuce, nursery stock, hay.
Industry: Copper and other mining, electric equitment, transportation equitment, printing and publishing, food processing, electronics, tourism.
3 largest employers:
1. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. employs 26000.
2. Banner Health employs 20000.
3. Honeywell International employs 12500.
Five interesting facts about Arizona:
1. Arizona leads the nation in copper production.
2. Arizona is home of the Grand Canyon National Park.
3. The amount of copper on the roof of the capital building is equivelant to 4,800,000 pennies.
4. The battleship USS Arizona was named in honor of the state.
5. Arizona was part of Spain and Mexico before it was part of the United States.
The representative that I am most like is Gabrielle Giffords. She is part of the deomocratic party. She is interested in the issues of health care reform and illegal imigration. In her early career she supported raising more money for schools so children can have a better education. I believe this is very important because kids can't get an education without money and if they don't get a good education, they won't get a decent job when they're adults. She argues that Americans are competing on a global level and this competition starts in the classroom. Which I completely agree with as well. She is also pro-choice on abortion which i somewhat agree with. I believe you should have a choice but you can't murder someone. She also highly supports more use of renewable energy which I agree with 100%.
Representative Gabrielle Giffords
Endorsement for president:
The president I most agree with is President Obama. When he first took office the economy was falling apart. Yes, it has gotten worst during his term as president, but he was never in an easy spot to begin with. I believe he is taking the necessary steps to getting this country back on track and that this new job plan could actually work. Obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which cut taxes for small businesses and 95% of working families. It had emergency funding to support around 300,000 educator jobs, more than 4,600 law enforcement positions, and investments in the clean energy sector that supported 224,500 jobs. Through March 2012 we added over 4.1 million private sector jobs. I agree with all the steps Obama is taking but there is still more work to do. Which is why he laid out a plan for an economy built to last. One based on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values. I really believe if we reelect him the new job plan can work.

HB40: Clean Crossings
This bill has the purpose of stopping illegal immigrants from sneaking drugs across the border. Not only are they coming here illegally, but they are bringing unwanted substances into our country. Most of the drug dealers are violent and dangerous to the citizens of the US. This bill will help keep the country safe from harm and will help keep U.S. citizens drug free. We want to enforce the fact that they will no longer get away with this. The bill we are proposing will help make border patrol stronger.

People should vote for this bill because it could very well drastically decline illegal immigration. It will also stop illegal drugs from getting to our country. This bill has a good solid plan that can always use revising, but it is practically full proof. People should also vote for this bill because it will create more jobs for American workers whether its in border patrol or building or in more available jobs because no more illegal immigrants will be coming in. Voting for this bill will keep this country much safer and cleaner.
Five reasons to visit Arizona
1. I would to visit the skywalk in the Grand Canyon.
2. I want to explore the natural beauty of The Grand Canyon.
3. I would go to Sedona and its stunning array of red sandstone.
4. I would want to go white water rafting on the Calorado River.
5. I would visit the Native American areas and learn about their culture.
3 Key Issues I'm interested in:
Health Care Reform Bill: This bill aims for broadening the population that receives health care coverage through either public sector insurance programs or private sector insurance companies. It also wants to expand the options of health care providers consumers can choose from. It aims for improving the quality of health care and the access to health care specialists. One final goal this bill aims for is giving more health care to citizens and lowering the cost of health care. I believe in everything this bill stands for, for many reasons. It gives people who are less fortunate a chance to get life saving treatment that may not be able to afford without it. Health care needs to be supplied to the majority of are citizens in order to be able to afford certain treatments that can save their lives.
Illegal Immigration:Many people from foreign countries immigrate to the U.S. in search of a better life. Since 9/11 our policy on immigration as become much more strict. Therefore many people are forced to do it illegally. Arizona is right on the border so many people are illegally coming over without visas and sometimes with drugs. To stop it we passed a very a strict law about how to locate and treat the illegal immigrants. The law states that anyone over 14 staying in the U.S. for over 30 days has to register with the U.S. government. In Arizona the immigrants have to have these registration papers in possession at all times because law enforcement officers can determine an individuals immigration status during a lawful stop, detention or arrest when there is reasonable suspicion that they are an illegal immigrant. Most people cross the border to Arizona for bad reasons so i agree with these strict laws involving those cases. But I also believe that we should help people who are trying to come here for a better life. They come illegally because it is impossible for them to come without breaking the laws.
Abortion: The issue on abortion is the country wants to decide whether it should remain legal is United States. I believe abortion should remain legal to a certain extent. You should have to have a government approved reason behind it. A valid reason would be it puts your health in serious danger or you were raped and its not fair after all the trauma you have endured to be forced with the responsibility of a child. An invalid reason would be among the lines that you are a teenager who did something stupid and you want to get rid of the baby before your parents find out. In the state of Arizona abortion is illegal after the fetus has been alive for 18 weeks or more. But as i said before abortion should be completely illegal because i believe it is a form a murder unless you have a valid reason which is approved by the government.–United_States_border