Alyssa Mahle
State Capital- Sacramento
Congress Person- Linda Sanche, i choose this Linda because she thinks that health care is an issue in the United States and i think that the health care is not the best it can be in the United States. Linda believes that it is not right to leave women without health insurance, i also believe this because if you and the other people not have health insurance then you would not be able to have a good health for the women. They should give women a fair amount of health insurance.
Endorsement for President- i think Romeny should be the President because when our class took the test who would you must me like i was more like Romney then any of the other presidents running, and i think Romney has a good mind on what he has to do to make the United States a more better place then it already is. Romney would also make the Health Care, and Gun Control and all the other things that are wrong in the United States better then they were. I like Romney to because he seems like he would make the world a better place and pick all the good things for the United States then the bad things that could hurt all the states. He would be a great President for us.
Put away the grease
Purpose- The purpose of our bill is to stop the greasy food for school lunches, to help kids K-12 to get healthier, to stop obesity, to get kids eatting habbits better then they should be, and to make gets get in better shape.
The first reason you should vote for our bill is because if you want to help the obesity and the foods in the school lunches, and to get kids alot more healthier then they are. You should also vote for pour bill because it will also health teachers get healthier. One final reason you should vote for our bill is because it will decrease the obesity rates.
Political Party-Moderate Conservative
Agricultural- California grows more then half of nations fruits,nuts, vegetables, stock, and dairy products
Industry- Technology consulting, equipment, film production, food processing
Five Interesting Facts About Sacramento-
1. Sacramento has a famous summer shakesphere festival
2. Sacramento had many nicknames some are "River City" and "The big tomato"
3. Over 36,961,664 people live there
4. Sacramento is where the Sacramento River and the Americian River meet
5. The hottest temperature there is 115 degrees, and the coldest it can get is 18 degrees.
Five Intersting Facts About California-
1. California's Mount Whitney measures as the highest peek in the lower 48 states
2. California is bigger then the 85 of the smallest nations in the world
3. The largest oil can collection is located in California
4. One out of every eight United States resident lives in California
5. The California song is "I love you California"
3 Main Resources-
1. Large aeras of land
2. Water
3. Coastal lands.
3 Biggest Employers-
1.Kaiser Permanente
2.Raley’s Inc.
3.Intel Corp.
Five Reasons Why i Would Like To Visit This State-
1. California has a lot of beaches everywhere all along the state, and i love beaches.
2.California has beautiful nature, Mount Whitney is in California and it is a beautiful view i heard.
3. California is a place where they are good economics, and good climate you would have fun there.
4. You can go to Disney Land.
5. You can see Lighthouses.
Three Important Issues-
Economy- this is an issue because in California, they have good and services but they are going down over the periods of time, they are having as much indrustry and goods had they were having before. The eonomy is good in California it is rated 8th out of the state on economy because they have good climate year round,and large natural places everywhere.
Taxation- i think the wealth should be higher taxed then the middle class people because if the middle class people are getting taxed the same amount has the wealth people then they might not be able to pay all the taxes and something bad wil happen to them if they can pay it. If the wealth people have the money then they should tax them more then the middle class, because they can also pay the money some of the middle class or pour people cant. The banks would also still be getting money if the wealthy people payed more.
Gun Control- i think gun control is an important issue because if anyone is aloud to have a gun on them then that can cause some accidents or causing people to get shot, and if they wanted to have a gun it would only be for protecting reasons because if yyou have a gun you can protect yourself through anything, but you wouldnt use them as a bad thing.
1.Arnold Schwarzenegger- Actor and held a political position
2.Rhianna- Artist
3.Lady Gaga- Artist
4.Jennifer Aniston- Actress
5.Drew Barrymore- Actress
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