Alysia Dye,State: Alabama
Political Party: Moderate
Representative: Mo. Brooks

Edorcement for president: Obama

I agree with many of obama's issue's Like abortion, changing the economy, jail, criminals, and civil rights.

Kids being tried as adults
Kids under the age of 18 going to jail doesn't really do anything for them and it doesn't make them more aware of what their doing because, Their brain's aren't fully developed and they aren't fully capable of knowing right from wrong or knowing the right decisions to make.
3 Reasons why people should vote for my bill:
1. It doesn't teach kids a proper lesson, parents want their kids to be happy and see them go far in life not spend their whole life being treated like an adult.
2. It makes them more angry, unhappy, and agressive, which no one wants to see or deal with.
3. It makes parents more upset if it happens to them, if their kid makes a mistake to be tried as an adult, and over all it better seves the comunity with dealing with unroley children the right way,and makes the community better and safer for others who live their.

5 Intresting Facts About Alabama:
1. The historical landmark in Alabama is the old state bank.
2. The worlds first electric trolley was introduced in Montgomery in 1886.
3. Alabama workers built the first rocket to send people to the moon.
4. The confederate flag was designed and first flown in Alabama in 1861.
5. The capitol has the most amount of places to visit out of all the other cities.

5 Reasons to visit Alabama:
1. Shakespere Festible for people who are intrested in him and want to learn more about him.
2.The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail for people who love golfing it's a great experience. That includes a 54-hole facility, and a 80 foot waterfall.
3. Their is Orange Beach and Dauphin Island which is great for families and to be right by the coast.
4.1048 Jazz and Blues in Montgomery the capital for great entertainment and music.
5. Adaptive Aquatics which is in wilsonville if you love animals its a great place to visit.

Main agercultural resouces:
1.Poultry and eggs

3 Largest empoloyers of Alabama:
1. Good hot weather for growing crops for money.
2. Great collages for getting a career For art their are many collages for art such as Stevens-Henager Collages
3.Very nice beaches to visit to go to relex and have a good time.

3 Important Issues:
1. Armed Services
2. Homeland Security
3. Technology

Issue 1: Gun Control, I disagree with it because people should have the right to own a gun in their home and beable to protect themselves, at any given point someone could come in my house or any one else's and try and attempt to murder me or anyone, their for you would have no way to protect yourself if you didn't own a gun so in cases like this you should be able to own one, and that's how it should be now and thorough out the future.
Issue 2: Bullying, My opinion on this issue is that bullying should not be alloud at any school in the coutry or around the world I think this because so many kid's can be pushed over the edge from bullying meaning they could commit suicide because of facing the fact that they are going to be going to school and being picked on, being bullied is not fun what so ever I know personally myself. I do believe kid's should get harsh punishment's for bullying anyone because Kid's should treat other's the way they would like to be treated.
Issue 3: Child abuse, I disagree with it because I don't think that kid's should return to their parent's ever, if in the past their parent's were abusing them at any given point. The parent's who are abusing their child should be sent straight to jail, because If the parent abuse's their kid enough it could leave sevear damage and possibly kill them.

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