Alexandria Vella

State: California
State Capital: Sacramento
Political Party: Republican (Moderate Conservative)
Representative: The representative in California that I chose is Tom McClintock. Tom McClintok has created a bill that I believe is worth passing. The bill states that the United States cannot raise the debt limit unless there is a law created for a specific purpose which must be approved by three fourths of each House of Congress. If this bill does not pass, and we raise the debt limit it will not be good because our taxes may go up. If the taxes go up it will be harder for people to afford things for their family. I agree with this bill because the United States is already in debt trillions of dollars and we do not need to borrow more money. That is why i chose Tom McClintok.
Representative McClintok

President for 2012:The person that I would like to be president is Mitt Romney. I am for Romney because of his beliefs. Some of his political views that I agree with are that he supports the no child left behind program. This is a good thing because he cares and worries about what is happening in our schools today. Romney is for helping charter schools and school voucher programs. He is trying to get more jobs for people and is for free and fair trade, which is good because it will strengthen and grow our enconomy. Romney also stated that he will not increase existing taxes or create new ones. Romney is helping with health care and trying to make it better and easier to afford. I also support Romney on his new gun bill, which will start to ban guns. This is a good thing because it will bring the crime rate down and save more lives. Mitt Romney believes that abortion is wrong and I agree with this because it is not right to kill people that are not yet born.

Purpose: Our bill is about not allowing people to have guns in their cars. Since guns have been allowed in cars, the crime rate has gone up. People have been killing and/or threatening Police Officers when they get pulled over. There have also been issues where people go on rages, and kill innocent people. It will also help to keep people from getting arrested and having a loaded gun in their car. Therefore keeping guns out of people’s car will keep people and their community’s safer.
Reason to vote for our bill: Our bill is about not allowing guns into cars. This bill will keep communitys safer, and people safer. There have been too many inncidents with guns in cars. Crime rates have gone up, people have gone on rages, and the guns can get in the hands of the wrong person. If you vote for our bill we gurantee that it will keep your communitys and people in them safer.

Five Interesting Facts:
A: In Atwater, The Castle Air Museum has the largest display of military aircraft in the state.
B: The Hollywood Bowl is the worlds largest amphitheater.
C: The country store in Baner has sold more winning California state lottery tickets than any outlet in the state.
D: Totaling nearly three-million acres, Sam Bernardino county is the largest county in the country.
E: There are more than 300,000 tons of grapes grown in California annually.
Five Reasons To visit this state:
1. It has lots of famous people that you can see.
2. The Gold Rush happened in California.
3. You can visit beautiful beaches.
4. You can drive over the famous Golden Gate bridge.
5. You can visit Redwood National Park, and see the famous Redwood trees.

Agricultural: 1.Vegetables, 2.fruits and nuts, 3.dairy products, 4.cattle, 5.nursery stock and grapes

Three largest employers: 1. Cisco 2. Qualcomm 3. Google

Three Important issues: 1. An important issue in California is unemployment. The unemployment rate in California is the highest in the country at 11%. To fix unemployment we need to create more jobs, and one way to do that is to offer companies tax breaks if they hire more employees. This issue is important because when people are unemployed they cannot take care of their families or themselves. If people become unable to afford their house, the homeless percentage may go up. Therefore, the lower class should be able to pay lower taxes. I believe this is something the government should focus more on.

2. The education system in California is a another problem. California is having budget problems, which causes many other issues such as having to layoff teachers and not being able to buy all of the supplies they need. Since there is a budget problem the schools may also have to add more kids to a class, or shorten the academic year. If they do not do something about this soon they may also take away extracurricular activities, and more. I think the representatives from California need to get together and create a way to solve this budget problem. Another idea where a school could get more money is to have a fund raiser. By doing that it will help the schools be able to get the full school year, and keep other extracurricular activities.

3. Gun control is another issue I believe is important. People these days are making bad choices when using guns. To stop this we need to make more laws about gun control. For an example you should not be able to carry guns in your car. By doing this it will make our communities safer and keep the crime rate down. This certain gun control law should be even more enforced in certain areas. For an example it should be more enforced in city's like Chicago, or New York City. That is why I believe we should make a stronger law.


Tom McClintok


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