Alexander Nelson, Oregon , Moderate Conservative
My congress person is Peter Defazio, I chose this man because he thinks
Quality education creates sound building blocks for future generations, yet recent trends indicate that American students are falling behind their foreign counterparts in nearly all subjects. I like this because he wants to get ahead of other countries. Also i like him because
DeFazio is committed to reining in the escalating costs of health care and insuring access to quality health care for all Americans. Our health care system is capable of providing quality care to some, that care is inefficient and expensive, while leaving behind many Americans with poor care at best. The health care system is failing too many people. Too many families are vulnerable to the whims of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, which are more interested in protecting profits than the health care of hard working Americans and seniors. Seniors are vulnerable to the same insurance and pharmaceutical industries
Purpose: The goal of this bill is to allow young adults over or the age of 16 to be able to vote. This issue is important because when a child becomes a teenager they have enough knowledge about the world and events taking place that gives them the right to vote. This will solve discrimination against young adults in political views. If this bill is passed then the young adults will be able to actually go to a voting booth and vote for the best candidate. About 90 years ago women were not allowed to vote, now women have a major role in elections, without them we might not have made history by electing the first black president. Kids feel that their future is being decided by the generation before them when really they should be able to decide their own destiny. Especially with multimedia-based society young adults are exposed to more information than ever. Therefore young adults the age of 16 and over should be given the right to vote.

state capitol- Salem
Political Party- Moderate Conservative
The Issues:Increased rate of illegal immagrants increases violence and drugs being brought over to the united states of america. Also They dont have a green card and there not supposed to be in the United States and they take Americans jobs. If we increase our security around the borders we can prevent these illegal immigrants from crossing into the united states and taking our jobs.And eventually if we check all homes like once a year we can get rid ofmany of thses immagrants.
Agriculture: They grew strawberries, Blueberries, Apples
Industry: Lumber and Wood product industries
5 Interesting facts about oregon- Most ghosts towns then any other,Has the deepest lake in the world crater lake, state flag flag has more than 1 design, First state to ban the use of non renewable cans,
5 facts related to my issues-
3 important issues-