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Billing's GazetteI believe that Montana is spending to much money on our agriculture and our industry and most of that money should be put to the schools and families that are less fortunate. I also believe that the governor (Jim Lynch) and our Senator (Max Baucus) are doing there best to try to make Montana a better and more efficient environment. My endorsement for president in 2012 is Mitt Romney believes that liberty, opportunity, and free enterprise have led to prosperity and strength before and will do so again.

Congressmen Denny Rehberg, Republican, Montana,

5 Interesting Facts about Montana

- Yellowstone National Park in southern Montana and northern Wyoming was the first national park in the nation.
- Montana's name comes from the Spanish word mountain.
- Montana is nicknamed the Treasure State.
- The moose, now numbering over 8,000 in Montana, was thought to be extinct in the Rockies south of Canada in the 1900s.
- The most visited place in Montana is Glacier National Park, known as the crown jewel of the continent. It lies along Montana's northern border and adjoins Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, forming the world's first International Peace Park.

5 Reasons why someone would want to visit Montana

- Glacier National Park
- To Experience the Wild
- Yellowstone National Park
- 16 Ski Resorts
- Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

Top 3 Natural Resources in Montana

- Coal
- Gold
- Water

3 Biggest Employers

-Billing Health and Rehabilitation Center
-Benifis Healthcare
-Blackfoot Telecommunications Group

4 Key Issues that i was interested in:

- National Debt
- Entitlements
- Discretionary spending
- Unemployment
The first Issue i put was the National Debt. The annual budget deficits don't get paid off each year; they just accumulate year after year, into the National Debt, which is currently over $9 trillion. We pay interest in that debt, amounting to $244 billion in 2008. My position is to pay less than the $9 trillion in the National Debt already but in 2008 it was amounting to $244 billion and it should at least be $100 million at least. The next issue was the Entitlements and the largest budget spending items, totalling $1.2 trillion in 2008, are Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; the so-called ‘entitlement programs.’ The policy options for these programs are discussed in the Social Security section. My position is to cut down on the spending bill just a little bit so that the government could save money on the Medicareand Medicaid. The third issue was Discretionary Spending. All other non-defense expenditures total up to 14% of the budget. This budget section is where most Congressional debate focuses, even though the other budget sections are far larger. Republicans endlessly lambast NEA spending. My position is lower the budget of 14% even though the budget sections are larger it is still a lot of money. The last issue was Unemployment. The number of unemployment Americans doubled during the Great Recession from 7.26 million to 14.77 million. The Jobless rate remained stuck around 9% for much of President Obama's term, although it fell to 8.6% in November 2011 and has remained below 9% in the months since.

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