Aanya Samarasinghe

State: Georgia

State Capital: Atlanta

Political Party: Moderate

The Representative That I Share Issues and Beliefs With:
I agree with the issues and beliefs of David Scott. I chose him honestly because his name was familiar, and when I clicked on the page he looked kind and welcoming, not creepy and mean like some of the other representatives. As I started reading more into his beliefs, I agreed with him on the issues of defense, energy and environment, and most importantly education. Our is the most important investment, in my beliefs, is higher education for our nation. Without new people for innovation, ideas, and good hard work, our nation will not prosper espeacially competing with countries like China for innovation. Another strong belief of mine is the investment in protection of our world and its environment through energy efficiency. As we continue to make our world better, the more efficient our energy consumption, the longer we will last and prosper on the Earth. As we better the world, we need to make sure our prosperity shall be healthy, happy, safe, and educated, and that is what David Scott's beliefs are going for.

My Endorsement for President:
For the 2012 Presidential Election I support Barrack Obama for a re-election to presidency. I believe, against what everyone says about the faults in President Obama's presidency. There are some issues that I currently don't believe in, such as the Obama Care system, but I believe President Obama did a good job in patching up the huge fall in America after the events that occurred during President Bush's term. My family cannot vote but if we could, that is where we would stand. I firmly believe in the views my family takes. I also approve of the acceptance of our world today in electing president Obama as president because it blows away the racial discrimination that some parts of the world today. I believe it's a great step forward, and that we should continue to follow our acceptance and beliefs. The only thing that could make this better is to elect a women president in future to represent the true equal rights for women. For now though, I believe that for our nation we should support the morals of President Obama.

HB53- Save the world act of 2012
The purpose of this bill is to reduce America’s usage of non-renewable resources. We use fossil fuels in almost every aspect of our lives. It’s slowly depleting our fossil fuel resources and destroying our planet’s ecosystem. We need to shift our country’s energy dependency to renewable resources. This bill proposes that we increase the usage of wind, solar, hydroelectric, and other forms of clean, renewable energy in our everyday lives. We can start with baby steps such as the usage of solar panels on our houses and businesses. Over time, we will become almost completely dependent upon clean and renewable energy.

This house bill is a large improvement on the world's natural environment. It is absolutely imperative that we vote for this bill to slow the rapid decline of the world that we live in. We need our world to survive,to live and to do any of the other things we do on a day to day basis, so our world should be the top priority. Vote for our bill to save the world, for ourselves and our posterity.

5 Interesting Facts About Georgia:
  • Coca-Cola was invented in May 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta Georgia. The name was suggested by bookkeeper Frank Robinson, and the flowing written name is still used on bottles today.
  • The popular theme park six flags over Georgia (six flags) was actually named for six flags that flew over Georgia ( flags for England, Spain, Liberty, Georgia, Confederate states of America, and the United States)
  • Historic Saint Mary's Georgia is the second oldest city in the nation.
  • "The City of Savanna" was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and it sailed from Georgia.
  • In Gainesville, the chicken capital of the world, it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork.

5 Reasons to visit my state:
  • The 1996 Olympics were held in Atlanta Georgia. I think it is very cool that you can see the place where the Olympics were held in Georgia.
  • One of the biggest things to see in Georgia is its famous Aquarium, with over 120,000 fish, the world's largest aquarium.
  • Another main attraction is the historical vacation house of President Roosevelt and his final portrait before his passing
  • Another place that I found interesting was the National Civil War Naval Museum located on the battle site of the final significant land battle of the war.
  • An interesting place to see is called the "Savannah" and it is a large community of historical houses, churches and other buildings, currently made livelier by the 150 year anniversary.

3 Main Resources:
Agricultural: Poultry and eggs, peanuts, cattle, hogs, dairy products, vegetables, rice, indigo, timber, lumber and PEACHES!!!!
Industry: Textiles and Apparel, transportation equipment, food processing, paper products, chemical products, electronic equipment, and tourism

3 Biggest employers:
Home Depot- A home improvement store that sells all things from garden supplies, to kitchen, electrics, and woodworking.
United Parcel Service- One of the largest mailing and shipping companies in the world, shipping goods and letters worldwide.
Coca Cola- One of the largest and most influential beverage companies in the world, has many assorted beverage to its name as well as the Coca Cola itself.

Important Issues:
I believe that one of the nation's biggest and most important issues is the debt crisis and poverty. America has been buying a lot of goods and loaning money from other countries, and our nation is not only broke, but in debt. Our country continues on wasteful spending instead of trying to fix our first mistakes. This has also lead to a lack of jobs in the U.S., and without jobs, many people are going into poverty. By giving more jobs to people in the U.S. we are actually helping our country to grow. We will help our world to grow if we stay together and help our nation stay out of debt by keeping our money circulating in our nation. It is a very important issue to me that needs to be handled, and soon, before the U.S. goes into a worse state of poverty and debt.

Another Issue that is important to me is Job Security/Job Creation. I know that because of the debt crisis and the stock market crash, as well as other key issues has contributed to the lack of jobs for those citizens who need them. I think it is a very important and scary issue that American citizens can't find any jobs in America. It is important for the government to search for a solution to create more jobs, or support Americans with a plan for the future to make jobs available. They should not give jobs to inexperienced people, but to those people who can do good work that are currently without a job. I believe that those residing in America should have first preference to job applications, instead of having to grovel for lower paying jobs that don't meet their skill levels. By keeping Americans working in America, we keep hope, prosperity, and economy in check without plummeting ourselves further and further into debt.

I also believe in the formation of affordable health care for the everyday American. I do not believe in the forced health care for all that is limited to only certain issues. I believe that Americans should be able to get Health care that is availiable to them in a good price range that they can choose to pay for. It should be able to protect all Americans without forcing their choices. The main word in this issue is affordable. Of course, if you can afford it, there is ample amount of Health Care for anyone who needs it, but really how many people are willing or able to pay that much money for it? When the average American is fighting to live pay check to pay check and put food on the table, do they really have any money for Health care? It doesn't matter if it will put their life in danger, people just can't afford to pay. If it is putting people's lives in danger, it should be brought down to a payment that people can actually make.