In my test I was moderate, Republican.

I agree with Max Baucus on several issues. One of the biggest and most obvious of issues is getting people jobs and work for those who cannot seem to find it. Baucus states in one of his speeches,

"As we vote on this bill, and many of us prepare to go home to see the folks we work for, I ask you just to remember four numbers," Baucus said to his colleagues on the Senate floor. "Number one: 160 million - that's the number of Americans who are helped by this bill. Number two: 1,000 - that's $1,000 in the pockets of those 160 million workers. Number three: 13 million - that's the number of Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and will be dramatically helped by this bill. And finally, number four: 48 million - that's the number of seniors in America who will be able to see their doctors because of this bill. Just remember those four numbers and vote for this bill.

I feel that Max Baucus can get the job done without a problem or much trouble. All he asked for was that people remember four simple numbers and he got his point across crisp and clearly.


The endorsement for president that i would choose is Rick Santorum.

I favor Rick Santorum for several reasons. He is one of the most successful government reformers in our in our history, taking on Washington's powerful special interests from the moment he arrived in our nations Capitol. Also he is a very strong Christian, so am I! I admire how he uses his faith and what he truly believes in and merges it with his political views and how he can help people for the better.

In America today I believe national debt, child obesity, and poverty are the biggest problems today.

National debt is all throughout America. I feel like that is the most important problem we should solve. Banks are letting people borrow too much of the banks money and do not pay it back. Then the banks do not have any money so then they have to take money from other peoples account that does not deserve to have their money taken away. Now because the government does not have any money they are raising taxes and secretly stealing money from others.

Child obesity is also a big problem in America with all of the yummy food that kids can get to so easily it is not surprising when they get obese and start to get sick. This is also a big problem because I feel it is not the child’s fault for getting to big it is the parents because they are allowing their child to eat too much. I also feel very lucky that I am in a good school program were we have gym every other day for physical exercise and delicious but nutritious lunches!

The last problem I feel is the most important to solve would have to be poverty. So many Children and families do not have a home or a meal everyday because they are too poor to afford it. We should solve this problem so their children have a better future.


Adrianna Polasky



Endorsement for president~Rick Santorum

5 interesting facts~
-unemployment rate is 21.1%.
-Montana has the largest migratory elk herd in the nation.
-At the Rocky Mountain Front Eagle Migration Area west of Great Falls more golden eagles have been seen in a single day than anywhere else in the country.
-Miles City is known as the Cowboy Capitol.
-Montana is nicknamed the Treasure State.

5 reasons to visit Montana

- Great food, company, friendly people. Get a peek at the world. Has a "feel like home" experience.
-Views that make your worries feel insignificant.
- Learn a lot of state history
- Get some culture
- Has great family fun activities like skiing, kayaking, and rocky wall climbing.

3 main resources-

-Ground water
- Gold

3 biggest employers-

-Rail way
-Print for less
-Glacier Bank