Albert Pietrangelo

Political View:I am a moderate. And I agree mostly with the views of the Republican Party.
One of the most biggest issues in America today is are debt in are government. I really think its unbelievable how far we got and then are country just decides to take a couple hundred steps back to the great depression. Are economy is actually in such bad shape that we shouldn't even be able to fund bills. All of are money(taxes). Is sent to the government. The amount of individual income taxes paid fell substantially in 2008, by $84 billion, and nationally, average income tax rates were at their lowest levels since 2004. The average tax rate for returns with a positive liability went from 12.68 percent in 2007 to 12.24 percent in 2008. Are country is struggling right now and I think Obama is not getting any progress like how its always been for George W. Bush, are former president. For the 2012 election I am hoping to look for a strong candidate who has the same opinions as I do on are economy. Hopefully we can have a strong enough President by the end of the year to maybe take a couple steps forward by 2012.
I also think Obama really needs to step out of office because we really need to stop helping other countries. "Oh were big bad U.S.A. and every time a natural disaster happens or something significant happens in another country, oh were always on the job!" But when was the last time China or Italy or even England has helped us. I'm not saying we should be selfish and stop helping others because they wont help us but were not in the situation to help others. Maybe after we figure out how to make are country a better place and survive national debt then we can help Haiti, Japan, and Iran.

I support Ron Johnson (R). He has the same thoughts as I do and is very opposed against Obamacare and many other things Obama has tried to do but has not
My Endorsement for President 2012
I believe that Mitt Romney should become our president and win the 2012 election. He sees that America is struggling and he wants to fix that. He wants to cut connections with china because he believes they manipulate are currency and economy. He also believes that we should back out of Iran because there is no purpose, but if we need too we will step in with weapons.

5 Facts
Wisconsin is home land to 5 state parks and 250 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan.
Dairy capital of the United States
7,446 streams and rivers ,End-to-end they'd stretch 26,767 miles
The Republican Party was founded in Ripon in 1854
Wisconsin produces more milk than any other state

Reasons to Visit Wisconsin
Wisconsin is home to many things!
  • Mustard Museum
  • Monroe is the swiss cheese capital of the world
  • Green Bay is the Toilet Paper Capital of the World
  • Sheboygan is the Bratwurst Capital of the World
  • The Hamburger hall of fame is located in Seymour
  • Somerset is the Inner Tubing Capital of the World
  • Unlimited Beauty!

3 Main Resources
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Climate
Without these Wisconsin's agriculture wouldn't be as rich as it is today!
3 Biggest Employers
  • Wal-Mart
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Milwaukee public schools

My Bill
My partner and I created a economic bill to support the economy. It is called the Flat Rate Tax Bill Of 2012. It is supposed to save peoples money by decreasing their taxes causing them to pocket more money being able to spend more money will then help the economy.