ALong (R)-Texas

Congress Person most like me from Texas- Bill Archer REP.

Endorsement for President- I think Oboma is the best guy to be presedent. I truly think it does not mater who gets put in. They will promise us a bunch of stuff that will not happen. Either way we are so far in debt and other problem th at one guy can not fix it

Mock Congress Bill-HB1


Interesting Facts
1.The population of Texas is 24 million, not including the 16 million cattle.
2.70% of the population of Texas lives within 200 miles of Austin.
3.Texas possesses three of the Top Ten most populous cities in the U.S. - Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.
4.Texas has 215 cities with a population of 10,000 or more.
5.Texas' largest county is Brewster with 6,208 square miles. Connecticut (5,544 Sq Mi), Delaware (2,489 Sq Mi) and Rhode Island (1,545 Sq Mi) can fit inside this county.

Cool Things to See and Do
1.My favorite thing to do was the Tower Of America. You go up 750 feet and it spins around 1 mph. They serve you five star food, and then you can go up to the observing deck.
2. Downtown the have a River Walk. Its about 2.5 miles long and a boat driver take you along and tells you about the city.
3.Krause Springs, 34 miles west of Austin in Spicewood, is the most pretty thing in Texas. Situated on a bluff overlooking Cypress Creek, Krause Springs is actually two swimming holes in one.
4.This 4.2 acre complex is an old mission where a small band of Texans held out for thirteen days against the centralist army of General Antonio López de Santa Anna. You can go all around the mission, and they have cool activities.
5. The guadalupe river is very popular in the summer. You rent huge tubes and get to go 7 mile floating. then they have places to get off to eat.
Main Products
1.Oil is the biggest thing in Texas. About 400 million barrles a day.

Biggest Employers
  • USAA
  • The North Highland Company
  • UMC Health System

Issues Statements

Issue 1- One issue in america is that we are the fatest country. 33% of america is over wight or obese.

Issue 2- Bullying is huge problem in america. As many as 70% of kids have experienced some kind of bullying.

Issue 3- Crime is big issue to. Crime has increased 10% over the past 3 years.