Name: Anton Krondorfer
State: Alabama
Ideology: Moderately liberal, agreeing with the Democratic Party

1.I believe that some of the most important topics in government nowadays are the economy. I believe the government should stop buying items from out of the county and instead use our own resources to develop goods. I also think that the government should not be involved in any wars that don't effect the United States directly. War is a costly business that I believe had more cost that income. I think to solve the economic issues the government should raise taxes for all levels of economic background. Since my state is more poverty stricken then most north eastern states, I am more concerned on the well being on the poor.

2. Another issue I feel is just a waste of time to argue about is if Gay marriage should be legal. I say yes, it should be legal. If two people truly love each other and are of the same gender let them marry. The government is just so caught up on having "a perfect society" but it think the happiness of our citizens is more important. i do however believe that there should not be homosexual officers in the army.

3. Another issue in America is both National Defense and Immigration. I think that the United States Army should retract soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq and put them to work on the US-Mexico boarder as more and more Mexicans are sneaking and smuggling across the boarder. My bill deals with a reasonable solution to both issues.
HB1 for more info.

The Rep. that I agree with the most is Terri Sewell. She is a democrat. Her most significant votes are positive votes for Obamas health care plan and a education plan pertaining only to southern states. Her information follows...

Name: Terri Sewell
State: Alabama
Political party: Democrat

5 interesting facts about Alabama:

1. Alabama introduced the Mardi Gras to the western world.
2. The Confederate flag was designed and first flown in Alabama in 1861.
3.The first 911 call in the United States was made in Haleyville, Alabama on February 16, 1968.
4. The first rocket to put humans on the moon was built in Huntsville, Alabama.
5.17.1% of the state is below poverty levels.

5 reasons to visit Alabama
1. Great weather year round
2. Fun in the beach as well as in rivers
3. Pioneer Museum of Alabama in Troy features more than a dozen historic and artifact-filled buildings on 35 acres.
4. Great Sports team as in the Rocket City United soccer
5. Music, Music, and more Music as we have many studios for all genres and even a Alabama Hall of Fame

3 main sources of agriculture in Alabama
1. Chicken. Most of Alabama Agriculture is Chicken. In fact, Alabama is the 3rd leading provider of chicken in the nation
2. Cotton. After once being the cotton kingdom of the nation, Alabama has receded from the production of cotton, but still provide about 4% of cotton to the nation.
3. Cattle. Cattle account for just over 11% of the states livestock while chickens were a whopping 60%.

3 mlargest empoyers of our state
1. General Motors or GM
2. Redstone Arsenal
3. University of Alabama at Birmingham

For presidential election of 2012....

I support the Current president of the United States, president Barack Obama.external image obama.jpg
I support Obama because he is currently president and because i agree with his stand on all issues except the pipeline. The issue on keeping abortion legal is what i agree with is the abortion issue. A female should be allowed to have an abortion if she wants to because your cant force a person to have a baby. i also believe that Mitt Romeney is a bad canidate for president. This is because he spent about $4 million dollars on advertising in each state and still Santorum has won a lot of the states.


Our house bill is titled Bring the Troops Home to Protect the Boarder. Here is a brief explanation of our bill

Our bill, HB1, is trying to accomplish two tasks at once and help with a third issue. It will help to solve the need to bring the troops home to America and out of a war that most will argue that we don't need to be fighting. Our bill will also work to accomplish keeping the boarders safer and having more of a military presences. By leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, we will be not using the $15,000,000,000 dollars that we are spending in Operations in those countries. eliminating the Ops will not cost us any loss of security and it will only save us money. We propose to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and instead place them on various camps to help protect our border to fight a war that NEEDS to be fought. The presence of the troops might scare away the weak minded thieves and smugglers in Mexico while the heavy hitting Cartels will have to be more careful when crossing the boarder. more directly, we will have more man power to be able to detect any illegal actions and events through infer-red cameras that are already being used in the war in Afghanistan. This bill will improve many things and will not have a major negative effect to society.

Rocket City United