AJ Kimes: Hello I am Alexander John Kimes. I represent the state of New Mexico. I am a moderate conservative representative. This means that I am leaning towards being a Republican but I am not there yet. I believe that the government needs to work on our economy. I think that we should let the free market do the work that the government is trying to do now. Because obviously the way the government has been involved hasn't been working for the past 3 years and that needs to change. I also believe that we need to stop paying for people’s health care because that is making the whole country in debt and innocent people who paid for their own stuff have to pay for other peoples stuff. I don't think that is right, do you? Another main topic for me is that all people should be taxed equally. This means that if you make a larger income than someone you should pay the same amount of income tax as they do. This is AJ Kimes I hope you agree with my propositions (:

I still agree with my proposition and will agree with it until it has been changed completely.

Steven Pearce is a republican from New Mexico who wants to take action. For the state of New Mexico he wants to improve the border security, Congressional issues, Defense and National Security, Economy and Jobs, Education, Energy and Transportation to name a few. The one that spoke to me the most was border control and security.

A television show that I watch is called Border Wars. This show illustrates the foreign people entering the United States as well as bringing in illegal items. If this process can continue and improve the country will be better. These individuals take away jobs from American residents and often they do not pay income tax. These issuing funds effect the economy as the monies are missing for infrastructure improvements and other things.

Some interesting facts about New Mexico:
1. 1/3 of New Mexico’s population speaks Spanish.
2. The state is about 121,665 square miles.
3. Has very little water surface even though the state is large.
4. The Rio Grande River also serves as a natural boundary between Texas and New Mexico.
5. Approximately 5 million people visit the many parks in New Mexico every year

Some reasons to visit New Mexico:
1. It is the hub of Native American Culture.
2. The 1.25 mile long tour of Slaughter Canyon Cave
3. The International UFO Museum
4. The Palace of Governors
5. The Rio Grande River

Cattle, chiles, dairy products are the top 3 natural resources in New Mexico.
Electric equipment, food processing, petroleum and coal products are the top industrial products made in the New Mexico.

One issue that I want to improve is the economy. The economy is the worst now that it has been since the great depression. So you can call this the little depression. Obama needs to get the economy back in shape and fast. He has very little time left before the next elections and has some tough competition. The gas prices are up the food prices are up and thousands of people are unemployed in the U.S.A.

Another point I would like to fix is border control. It needs to be stopped and fast. It needs to be stopped because of the illegal drugs that are getting into the states and the immigrants that get to the states. If we get more people guarding the borders we will make more jobs. More jobs mean a better economy which will affect everything else.

The final topic I would like to talk about is health care. Health care is big. It is one of Obama’s favorite things to talk about and should be. Everyone should have health care but the government should not supply it and make this economy even worse.The peoples problem with the health care is that the money being used for health care is the american taxes so it is making the economy plumit. If it was not the taxes being used the people that need health care can pay less taxes and buy it themselves. We should use that healthcare money to fix the economy not hurt it.

For president in the 2012 election I would like to see Mitt Romney win over Barrack Obama because he is a Republican and I am a Republican. Also because Mitt Romney wants the country to get back in order by letting the free market do the work instead of having the government do it all. Mitt Romney wants to rebuild the foundation of the American economy by the principles of free enterprise. He plans to reduce taxes, spending, regulations, and government programs. He also wants to increase trade, and energy production to create more jobs for America.

Adcvantages of bill:
Bring jobs back to america
Pay of some national dept
gas prices will go down
Spending less money on foreign oils
Oil supply will not last forever
Drilling for oil releases toxins into the air and water streams
Cause harm to ecosystem
Land wu\ill be urbanized

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