Alex Brickman
My state is New Hampshire.
My views are from both the democratic and republican political views.

Interesting facts: it entered the union on June 21, 1788, also the first american in space was born there, they have a news paper called hippo press. Nicknamed The Granite State. The Mother of Rivers.This nickname refers to the New England rivers that originate in the White Mountains of the state.

Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Some agricultural resources is livestock, crops, fertile land.

One of the issues most important to me is the economy, and how we are going down again and could possibly go into a second great depression, if we keep going like we are. we will eventually get back up i believe if we try.

personally i want Mitt Romney to win because he has good political reasons. also he has the things needed to be successful.

The largest employers in New Hampshire are: BankNorth which has Atm's stationed all over NH. Another is Bottomline Technologies which is located in NH with their headquarters. And the last one is C&S Wholesale Grocers provides warehouses.

Major Industries - textiles, lumber, tourism, electronic equipment, software

The bill will effect both students and teachers with their health. Iit will benefit them with a nutritious lunch. There will be a major change in the majority of the kids because they will be having them eat healthier foods which will make them eat better and be more healthy. one issue is that kids are getting more obese and are not eating what they should. I say that we should have them eat healthier at school. This bill would help many students eat a healthier lunch. This could carry over into a healthier diet and/or lifestyle.

Bill: HB24

congressman Frank Guinta: i firmly agree with the things he does so i chose him.