Welcome to Mock Congress 2012

This site will host the resources, personal pages, and bill pages used to run our 2011-2012 Mock Congress. Menu links will be activated as we progress through each step.

Guest Speaker Links:

Please explore the official websites of our Guest Speakers to develop questions for their visits with us during our Mock Congress day. Questions are due to be turned in by Tuesday to be pre-approved for Thursday's Mock Congress

State Representative Kathleen Clyde (Democrat)-

Congressman Steven C. LaTourette (Republican) (Will be represented by his Twinsburg Office Chief of Staff)

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (Republican) (Will be represented by his Cleveland Office Chief of Staff)

1st Semester-
Students assigned states to represent as Senators or Representatives.
State research.
Current events discussions.
Students create their personal pages with state information and their positions on 3 key issues.

2nd Semester- Tasks
Students research a key issue area to become expert enough to contribute to a bill writing team.
Student bills are written.
Bill co-sponsors create persuasive powerpoints to sell their bill in Committee and beyond.
Committee hearings are held.
Bills passing Committee go to the full House or Senate for debate and voting on Mock Congress Day.

Day to day schedule... also see your End of Year Calendar for Social Studies 8
Mon,April 30th- YLI E Congress Timeline- Complete Introduction Phase (Worksheet)
Mon,May 7th- Choose Bill Writing Partners- YLI E Congress Timeline- Begin Research Phase... Complete Sections 1 and 2
Wed, May 9th- Research Phase Sections 3 and 4 due
Fri, May 11th- Research Phase Sections 5 and 7 due
Bill Writing
Mon, May 14th- Begin YLI E Contress Bill Writing Phase
Tue, May 15th- Finalize Bill Title, Purpose, and Eligibility
Wed, May 16th, Finalize Bill Terms and Benefits
Thu, May 17th, Finalize Fiscal Impact- Classroom Committee Chair Person Elections
Mon, May 21st- Lab Day to finalize Bill, Powerpoint, and Personal Page
Tue, May 22nd- Final Lab day to finalize everything...
Wed, May 23rd- Committee Day 1
Thu, May 24th- Committee Day 2
Fri, May 25th- (TBA-Assembly Schedule... Mock Congress Day Instructions regarding dress, nametags, leadership positions and elections.)
Tue, May 29th- Committee Day 3
Wed, May 30th- Committee Day 4

After Mock Congress Day, bills that pass the House or Senate will be posted and debated through the wiki... and outside of the classroom. Final voting will be held during classes on Tuesday, June 5th... prior to voting for 9th Grade Student Council leadership positions.

Mock Congress Day has been changed from Friday, May 25th, 2012 to either Wednesday, May 30th or Thursday, May 31st... due to several scheduling conflicts.Capitol_Puzzle.jpg